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Huskies are known far and wide as Hairy Houdinis. Being below the snow's surface protects them from cold winds and storms. While they tend husky lick love n siberian shed a fair amount during normal times, twice a year they engage in a process known as "blowing their coats. Some call this "landscaping;" others prefer "Husky archaeology. Accordingly, obedience training from early puppyhood on is crucial.

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Husky lick love n siberian
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Some Fun Husky Stuff

Despite their fiercely independent nature, they do not do well on their own. It has been said many times: Even a stout mattress can fall victim to Husky boredom. In short, Huskies are about as far from a fawning lapdog as you can get.

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Husky lick love n siberian
Husky lick love n siberian
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Husky lick love n siberian

If your Husky is intent on escaping, mere chicken wire will not stop him from doing so. Huskies can slither through when you open the door a crack to receive an envelope, so a collar-hold is essential. And as with with any dog, one wonders what they might be dreaming about Due to their heritage, Huskies are pack animals who will try to create a pecking order in which they dominate. You should enjoy teaching your Husky new things much as much he should enjoy learning them.

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